LEDzShine is a Pty Limited company operating in conjunction with SAREBI (South African Renewable Energy Business Incubator). With 9 years of LED lamp design experience LEDzShine is developing in conjunction with SAREBI, its range to incorporate as much South African local content as possible.

Our sophisticated laboratory allows for new designs to be tested and measured against a variety of EN standards as well as other recognised LED standards. The laboratory serves as the backbone for all quality assurance testing on all lamps assembled in our factory.

LEDzShine has a level 4 BEE status. LEDzShine is currently training 4 students from the Atlantis FET College as part of its social responsibility.


Our products have received certificates of compliance for a range of specifications. We also have received product endorsements from Eskom. Please click on the buttons below to download a copy of the relevant report/certificates.