Technical Specifications:












70 and 80 available

Power Factor:



24° and 48°

90W High Bay

The 90W LEDzShine LED High Bay was designed in South Africa to replace 400W Mercury Vapour High Bays and 350W 5ft-T5-T-Bays in industrial and retail applications from 6 to 12m suspension heights. The design allows for the luminaire to operate in hot and cold environments (+50°C to -20°C) to operate in dusty conditions as well as corrosive conditions. The luminaire has been installed and operates in all these extreme settings. Combining the latest Bridgelux, Meanwell, and LEDIL technology together with a unique heat sink design keeps the LED cool. The low operating temperatures ensure the longevity of the LED whilst maximising the Lumen/Watt output. The Meanwell driver provides protection to the LED and ensures that the power factor of the luminaire is > 0.96. The interchangeable LEDIL reflector converts >90% of the lumens generated and projects these onto the surfaces requiring lighting. Measurements made using a data logger show that there is an 80% energy saving by converting Mercury Vapour High Bay luminaries to LEDzShine 90W LED High Bay luminaires with improved lux levels

Features and Benefits.

  • High-performance Bridgelux, 5000K LEDs produce 11,200 Lumens over an average life of 60,000 hours with a CRI of 70.
  • The energy saved by converting Mercury Vapour High Bays to the LEDzShine 90W LED High Bay exceeds 80%
  • The broad spectrum of the LED provides better colour rendition than a Mercury Vapour or Fluorescent lamp
  • An aluminium module shields the reflector and LED
  • The venturi system keeps the front acrylic lens free of dust
  • The LEDzShine 90W LED High Bay comes with a 1.5m cable fitted with a 5 or 15Amp plug top.
  • An all-aluminium construction
  • IP 65
  • Complies with various EN specifications.

LED High Bay Light is ideal for lighting large spaces like warehouses, retail spaces, garages, gyms, manufacturing facilities and work areas. This fixture is 31% more efficient than traditional T5HO fluorescent high bays. Upgrading to LED means you save money on energy bills and you don’t have to worry about changing bulbs.



The graphs illustrate cost savings generated by replacing 400W HID lamps with 90W LED lamps The LED lamps give equal or better lux levels

HighBay Chart